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Solar PV Earn money from Ontario’s Fit and microFIT power generation incentives. Guaranteed income for 20 years. Net Metering- Offset your electric bill by selling excess generated energy back to Ontario’s energy grid. Off Grid - generate and store the electricity you generate - no electric bill. Zero emissions, silent, and virtually no maintenance. Residential, Commercial, Rural Solar Thermal Water Heating Let the sun help you reduce your energy bill with a solar thermal water heating system. We can provide you with either a flat panel or evacuated tube system.
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Skymaster Solar is a full service design, install, service

solar provider offering solar PV and solar thermal water

heating solutions to our customers.   

Electric water heater?  Reduce your energy bill by installing a solar thermal water heating system. Electric rates are still going up!  Reduce your energy bill  for good with a net metering solar system What can your rooftop earn? Request  a free  site assessment.