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Solar PV


Earn income with a microFIT or FIT program system    Guaranteed income for 20 years. You receive a cheque every month for the power your system generates. Your system can pay for itself in a 9 to 10 year time frame. Rates vary for rooftop versus ground mount. Reduce your electric bill with a Net Metering system With a Net Metering system you reduce your electric bill for the power you generate at the rate you buy it .  You are credited for excess power generated on your next bill , and carries up to 11 months. Get “Off the Grid” For what ever reason - going green, hydro poles too far and expensive, island living - we can design and size a system to fit your needs.
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Earn money with an Ontario s microFIT or FIT Program system. Guaranteed income for 20 years. Reduce  your electric bill with a net metering system.  Your bill is reduced for the power you generate. Off-Grid systems for cottages and remote locations where installing grid-tied  poles too costly. Solar PV